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Traffic Control

Working on the road is a high risk activity that poses danger to both the general public and road workers. The general public are at risk when there are inadequate precautions taken to enable them to safely negotiate work sites. Road workers are at risk due to their close proximity to moving traffic.

When undertaking any work on the road, you not only expose people to serious harm, but also yourself to legal prosecution if reasonable care is not undertaken to ensuring their safety.

As one of Mackay’s leading traffic Control companies TCMD can provide a professional, experienced and well trained team to cater for all types of traffic control situations.

We have invested heavily in key facets of the business including staff training, vehicles, signage, equipment and attire to ensure our service exceeds expectation.

Our goal is to ensure that you can focus on your work on the road and leave the safety to us.

For these reasons TCMD has become the Traffic Control Company of choice in Mackay and surrounding areas.

Traffic Management Planning

TCMD understands the importance of good traffic management planning upfront in reducing the risk to road workers and the general public. Good traffic management planning is also essential in minimising disruption to traffic around work sites.

We can help you in the design and preparation of traffic control management plans and also work with the relevant authorities to obtain the right approvals and permits

Our team will start by consulting the client, familiari
sing themselves with the site, identifying any risks and then formulating a traffic management plan through the approval process with authorities.

We can also organise police related services where required and other traffic control related services so that you can work safely on the road as soon as possible.


TCMD currently has a fleet of 23 modern Hilux/Mazda utilities fully equipped with beacons, arrow boards, signage, stop/slow bats, cones delineators, PPE, 2 way radios, first aid kits, all ready for daily use at a moment’s notice.

All vehicles are strictly maintained and serviced minimising downtime due to breakdowns etc.

TCMD also carries a supply of back up signage, VMS trailers, specific signage and equipment for particular jobs.

The location of the business at 285 Nebo Road is another advantage being a central Mackay location with easy access for quick mobilisation of vehicles and traffic controllers.


Traffic Control Mackay & Districts is fully registered (Registration number 0019) under the Traffic Management Registration Scheme (TMRS).

TCMD is a member company of CASSA (Compliant Automated Safety Systems Alliance) developing and implementing WH&S and QA systems to industry standards to satisfy TMRS registration requirements.

Mobility and Call Out

While usually busy with existing clients and always appreciating some prior notice (day before) our business structure is such that we can usually cater for last minute or emergency call outs. Good communication and planning with the client will enhance the level of the service provided.

TCMD’s minimum call out time is 4 hours .Our policy with cancellation of a job is that a minimum of 1 hours notice must be given before the scheduled time our traffic controllers leave our depot for travel to the work site. If sufficient notice is not received the minimum charge for each traffic controller, vehicle and signage hire will apply.

TCMD offers a 24 hour/7 days week traffic control service.