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A Time for Local Businesses to Rise to the Challenge!


The downturn in the Resource sector and the reining in of non essential State Government funding are 2 very important factors affecting Mackay businesses this year. On the roads, motorists in the immediate Mackay area will notice that a number of the major roadworks undertaken throughout 2012 have been completed. West of Mackay on the Peak Downs Highway roadworks are still underway and that will continue for the duration of the year. There are also Federal funded Flood Relief Packages for Road Repairs in the Isaac Regional Council and Whitsunday Regional Council areas that will commence this year.

What we do


Traffic Control – Working on the road is a high risk activity that poses danger to both the general public and road workers. The general public are at risk when there are inadequate precautions taken to enable them to safely negotiate work sites. Road workers are at risk due to their close proximity to moving traffic. When undertaking any work on the road, you not only expose people to serious harm, but also yourself to legal prosecution if reasonable care is not undertaken ensuring their safety. As one of Mackays leading Traffic Control companies TCMD can provide a professional, experienced and well trained team to cater for all types of […]